Beer Sheva. Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ramallah

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Regular Programming

Tech2Peace hosts seminars during which 15 Israelis and 15 Palestinians live together while undergoing daily training sessions and workshops led by industry professionals. Each participant chooses a tech subject to focus on, with the option to choose from programming, 3D design, and printing, or App development. When the participants are not gaining high-tech skills, they are participating in workshops on conflict resolution, in order to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s narratives, empathize with the other, and imagine together a better future for Israel and Palestine.
During COVID-19 times: Tech2Peace started an online alumni program in order to give alumni ongoing training and a sense of community during these unprecedented times. The meetups occur every 1-2 weeks, and have two key areas of focus:
1) Hi-tech/innovation/entrepreneurship, mainly by experts from Google, Microsoft, and MIT.
2) Political/international affairs - focusing on issues relating to conflict resolution.


Target Constituency: Youth from Palestine and Israel between ages 20-26

T2P aims to build a strong community of Israelis and Palestinians who are not “traditional peaceniks.” Members of the community should hold greater empathy towards the other side in the conflict, and at best, work both as a group and individually from their positions in society towards greater peace and co-existence. The hope is that participants will influence others in their communities and workplaces to see the conflict in different perspectives, and will work from influential positions in society towards a more peaceful future, possibly including from within the high-tech sector / through Arab-Jewish startups.

Their long-term outcomes can be broken into sub-outcomes: (1) engaging participants from diverse communities; (2) building a strong community that continues to interact following seminars; (3) fostering empathy among participants; (4) creating a hi-tech and business network of Jewish and Arab, Israeli and Palestinian young adults who assist each other in their careers, (5) creating the platform for future startups between Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs, and (6) prompting participants to work towards peace.

Major Accomplishments

Tech2Peace won the ‘Israeli Hope’ award in the spirit of the president of Israel, Reuven Rivlin in 2018.

The MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) is about to implement, with Tech2Peace assistance, the Tech2Peace model in South Africa in summer 2020 and hopefully in Germany (with Germans and refugees) in 2021. In addition, they are partnering with NGOs from Kosovo and Switzerland to implement Tech2Peace in other countries in Europe and its periphery.

Theory of Social Change

T2P aims to create a vibrant community of young adults from all walks of life in Israel and the Palestinian territories: Jews and Arabs, from the center and from the periphery, reaching beyond traditional “peaceniks,” and setting the ground for shared society in which people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, and religion will continue to meet, volunteer, and work together, thus creating a community of peace and tolerance with members working towards greater coexistence.
T2P seeks to build empathy, strong relationships, and community among participants by (1) bringing people together through work towards shared goals (technology training and projects), (2) facilitating conflict dialogue, and (3) promoting ongoing engagement through post-seminar activities. The organization works with a range of business, government, and civil society partners, including Google for Startups, Microsoft, MIT (MISTI), 50-50 Startups, the Yeruham and Nazareth Municipalities, etc. They engage closely with their host communities in the Israeli periphery, including holding joint events and providing economic opportunities.

Ways to Help

Volunteers have researched donors, fundraised, edited grant requests, written blog posts, with M&E reports.