Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement


Bethlehem office, grassroots organizers throughout the West Bank; Friends of Taghyeer organization in the US

Staff Size


Regular Programming

Developing Messengers of Change leadership in over 20 communities —with activist training and identification of community self-development projects; Women’s Leadership Initiative with training and project development; partnering with other organizations in nonviolent resistance to occupation through finalizing Nonviolence Charter to guide the work.


Taghyeer (Change) Palestine is a national nonviolence movement of grassroots communities and emerging leaders practicing nonviolence as a unifying identity for the Palestinian people.

Target constituency: Youth, women and children; local and national Palestinian organizations; marginalized and threatened communities, urban and rural areas which take responsibility for self-development with other Palestinians for local needs and building a national movement

Mission: Taghyeer is a Palestinian civil society movement that creates social and political change by taking responsibility for the development of our society. We enable community-led social action that empowers the leadership of women and youth to enhance basic human services by cooperative active. We come together with other organizations under the principles of a Palestinian Nonviolence Charter, essential to build partnerships to end the occupation

Vision: To build democratic and independent communities who have strength to forge together a Palestinian path of commitment to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Major Accomplishments

Covid relief leadership: disinfection Initiatives, PPE for Front Lines and for Chronically ill Palestinians needing safe hospital care, food delivery across the West Bank, home garden initiative as pilot to Agricutural and steadfastness on the land initiative; Messengers of Change program identifying community needs and emerging leaders — model nonviolent development action (land regeneration, park clean-up, aid and protection to farmers and villagers threatened by settler encroachment; health clinic, women’s photograpy workshops) in Nablus, Jubbet ad-Dhib, South Hebron Hills and more — growing from the Karama Jericho 2016 movement launching with 4000 Palestinians

Theory of Social Change

The path of nonviolent identity in action empowers Palestinians to build trust with other Palestinians to come together for self-development and standing up for freedom. The movement is lifted up and carried by the grassroots Messengers of Change employing tools of community development and nonviolent resistance. Equality and rights are asserted through Palestinian agency.

Ways to Help

Past volunteers have created social media accounts and posts to advertise Taghyeer’s initiatives.