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Regular Programming

Tag Meir hosts Solidarity Visits to victims of hate crimes; raises awareness of hate crimes, promotes shared living initiatives through social and traditional media; advocates to pressure national decision-makers to take tougher actions against racism; and creates educational initiatives that include tolerance education for religious-Jewish teachers, Arab-Jewish tolerance education training, and college/university campus activities.


Tag Meir’s mission is to fight religious extremism, violence and incitement towards minorities in Israeli society and educate towards the Jewish values of tolerance, pluralism and respect for the Other. Tag Meir is an apolitical endeavor uniting all those who work to eradicate racism.
Tag Meir sees the battle against racism as also a part of a campaign to support democratic values, and the very traditional Jewish values of loving our neighbours and justice for all. Whatever their politics, the majority of Israelis oppose acts of violence against innocent people who are being used as pawns in a political fight that has little or nothing to do with them.

Major Accomplishments

Tag Meir has grown into a thriving forum of 51 Israeli organizations from across the religious/social/political spectrum. Tag Meir’s success in bringing together diverse secular, Reform, Conservative and Orthodox organizations is truly exceptional.
Tag Meir has built partnerships with numerous Muslim and Christian organizations and individuals who fully support Tag Meir’s mission and, for example, join the Tag Meir team as delegates visiting Jewish victims of terror attack.
Tag Meir has won four important awards for its work, including the Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award (2012), the Dror Prize for Social Change, the Gerald Cromer Memorial Prize and the Rabbi David J. Forman Fund Human Rights Award (2016).
Tag Meir trains teachers in the Religious Sector to educate towards pluralism, tolerance and respect for the Other, specifically as Jewish values. 200 teachers, have successfully graduated from this program and facilitated educational activities their school communities, impacting the attitudes of thousands of children across tens of schools. The program is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education.
Tag Meir Lobbyist: Tag Meir is a known presence in the Knesset with regular participation in Knesset debates, one-one-one meetings with numerous MKs and submitting numerous Parliamentary Questions that keeping the problem of Price Tag attacks and racism high on the public agenda.
Knesset Lobby: In May 2016, Tag Meir launched the Knesset Lobby Against Hate Crimes with an in-depth report on Price Tag attacks and Tag Meir’s initiatives. The lobby convened again in December 2016, joined by religious leaders of different faiths to discuss the role of religious leadership in combatting racism.
Recognition of Victims of Price Tag Attacks: Tag Meir has made legal history by obtaining recognition for Arab victims of Price Tag attacks as victims of terror.

Theory of Social Change

Combatting racism is an essential component of building Shared Society – it is essential that voices unequivocally condemning hate crimes and promoting respect for the Other, are heard loud and clear.

Although there are several organizations fighting against racism within Israeli society, Tag Meir is the only one who speaks out against racism, specifically with a Jewish voice, promoting the values of pluralism, tolerance, and respect for the Other specifically as values firmly rooted in Jewish tradition, and consistently reaching out to and involving the Religious Sector in the struggle against intolerance.

If Jewish-Israeli and Israeli-Arabs get to know each other and honestly explore issues around racism towards the “Other” together, then they will develop:
(a) acquaintance: consistent, personal and professional ties that counters prejudice
(b) empathy: a better understanding of each other’s position and difficulties
(c) commitment: increased sense of responsibility to act as change agents in their communities

Through solidarity victims to both Arab and Jewish victims of hate crimes, we show the victims’ families and communities that there are many members of Israeli society -both Jewish and Arab - who stand strongly opposed to the attacks, and who remain firmly committed to shared living and tolerance. We spread a message of hope in response to a message of hate. We do so not only through our solidarity visits, but also through our community events throughout the year.  Our message is amplified by our social media presence, which publicizes our activities to tens of thousands of people in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, showing different communities in Israel and around the world that there is a clear voice against racism, and that another way - a way of tolerance and respect for each other - is possible.