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Israel (HQ in Tel Aviv)

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Regular Programming

Most of Standing Together’s activities are reactive to current events and consist of protests and activism. They also have (bi-monthly) meetings for working groups and chapters including on 1) Climate Crisis, 2) The Quality Chapter (which deals with the nation state law, the occupation, housing, education focusing on the Arab public), 3) 11 local chapters meet regularly (once a month) to discuss local events and activities.


Standing Together is the grassroots people's movement in Israel. It aims to create an alternative popular Left that includes Jews and Arabs, local and nationally, to transform Israeli society towards peace, social justice, and equality for all.
Standing Together strives for political and social change from within the foundations of Israeli society. Change is possible due to the fact that the majority of people living here hold a legitimate interest in living in an egalitarian, just, and free society; a society supported by a government intrinsically different from the one we currently have, a government that does not serve to maintain an occupation of civil and social segregation or perpetuate wealth disparity nation-wide.

Major Accomplishments

In the last year alone, Standing Together has brought more than 120,000 people into Israel’s streets. They have mobilized around catalyzing issues such as: The Nation-State Law ; the deportation of African asylum seekers (as a result of the efforts of Standing Together, along with other movements and organizations, tens of thousands of people got out to the street protesting the deportation of asylum seekers. This popular movement in fact halted the deportation of 80,000 asylum seekers last year); violence against women and women’s rights; LGBTQ rights; Women's Rights; the imperative of Israeli-Palestinian peace and the crisis of the ongoing occupation of Palestinians.

Theory of Social Change

Israeli society has become structured and organized around social distress by our current government in order to guarantee prosperity, security and social and economic fulfillment for the small fraction of the society that is politically aligned with the status quo. The perpetuation of this societal structure hurts members of diverse communities the most, and the members that form our multicultural public. The path to change is through recruiting a majority in Israeli society and building a broad camp that will include a diverse community: Jews and Arabs, Mizrahim and Ashkenazim, women and men, religious and secular, queer and straight, the rural and urban. Standing Together identifies alternative solutions that foster solidarity among those who constitute the majority, recognizing and correcting the failures that have continued to impede social mobilization.
We aim to be a Left force that encourages broad political involvement of different struggles and different social classes for mobilizing political change.

Ways to Help

Past volunteers have created graphics for social media and fundraising campaigns.