Siraj Center


Old City of Beit Sahour, West Bank

Staff Size


Regular Programming

Experiential tours, fact-finding, and pilgrimage programs in Palestine for international visitors to interact with and empower local Palestinian communities.


Siraj’s vision has been and continues to be to enhance the image of Palestine as a safe destination for responsible experiential tourism, and not only as a pilgrimage destination, by increasing the number of conscientious visitors coming to Palestine.
As part of the Palestinian Rapprochement Center, Siraj’s aspirations also involve impacting both local hosts and visitors through intercultural exchanges and life-enriching experiences at the grassroots level, as well as increasing economic benefits to people living in rural communities.

Major Accomplishments

1000-1500 international visitors have participated in Siraj’s tourism
programs per year including their Abraham Path Initiative, Walk Palestine, Jerusalem Wilderness and Bike Palestine.

Theory of Social Change

Expose international visitors to the local Palestinian narrative and equip local communities with the economic and human capital to contribute to positive change.

Past Volunteer Contributions

Past volunteers have written grant proposals, created marketing and social media campaigns, and helped update the website.