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reGeneration Education works to address childhood toxic stress by investing in two bilingual Waldorf kindergartens in Israel, one Arabic language Waldorf elementary school in Israel, and one Arabic language Waldorf school in the West Bank. It also trains crisis-zone ready teachers by seizing every opportunity to share advances in trauma-informed education. reGeneration has helped organize many international conferences and large teacher training immersions, and has worked with thousands of teachers in Israel, Palestine, Europe, and the United States to help kids overcome trauma-induced obstacles to learning. It also provides ongoing scholarships for low income Palestinian and Israeli Arab Waldorf teachers. In Los Angeles, it is working to bring a United Nations trauma-informed teaching pedagogy, called Essence of Learning, to LASD teachers. reGeneration’s Abrahamic Faith Student Leadership program unites students from Los Angeles Abrahamic faith schools around shared altruistic goals and a commitment to building a true, beloved community. Unfolding over the course of a school year, these Christian, Muslim, and Jewish middle school student ambassadors create a new narrative of goodwill based on shared values that embrace common humanity.


reGeneration envisions a world in which young children in crisis zones are able to imagine and create better futures. It does so through innovative approaches to the education, development, and resilience of young children in crisis zones. Specifically in Israel-Palestine, many children are affected by toxic stress due to ongoing violent conflict and poverty. Toxic stress harms a child’s life in many ways, even potentially stalling the development of empathy, which reGeneration’s methods work to reduce and remedy.

Major Accomplishments

500 refugee children fleeing war were taught by reGeneration trained trauma-informed teachers.
1,105 Palestinian and Jewish Israeli childhoods were nurtured with trauma-informed early education.
2,708 Jews, Christians, and Muslims participated in U.S. Interfaith Peace Groups.
1215 teachers were enriched with trauma-informed education training throughout the Middle East.
33 Southern California Interfaith Groups were united by reGeneration-initiated organizing.

Theory of Social Change

reGeneration Education proposes that if Palestinian schools holistically address toxic stress and promote the principles of nonviolence, then fewer Palestinian children will, as adolescents, suffer the emotional and medical side effects of chronic exposure to toxic stress or resort to acts of violence within their own communities or against Israelis. It also asserts that if Israeli Jewish educational leaders work with Israeli Arab and Palestinian educational leaders to extend advances in trauma-informed education to Israeli Arab communities and the West Bank in a culturally competent fashion, then affiliations between education leaders and institutions will coalesce into a new peace constituency united around common communal wellness goals.

Ways to Help

Past volunteers have written grant requests, fundraised, and more.