Project Rozana


Plainview, New York

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Regular Programming

Project Rozana protects vulnerable Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza by funding health-care services that transport patients so that they can receive the best possible care in Israel and by providing Palestinian clinicians with access to fellowships and advanced training so that they can serve their communities. Project Rozana also promotes rehabilitation and relaxation for Palestinian patients and their families throughout Israel and Palestine.


Project Rozana is committed to ensuring that Palestinian patients have access to treatments and services that are otherwise unavailable in their local communities, as well as creating and funding opportunities that correct for the imbalance between the quality of the Palestinian and Israeli health-care systems, respectively. The organization specifically recognizes health care as a domain of mutual understanding and respect, and therefore seeks to build bridges of understanding between Palestinians and Israelis through health care.

Major Accomplishments

Project Rozana has funded multiple Palestinian doctor fellowships and established a West Bank patient transportation service through a three-year agreement with the Israeli NGO, Road to Recovery.

Theory of Social Change

Regular proximity can be leveraged for developing improved, lasting relationships.

Past Volunteer Contributions

Project Rozana cannot currently utilize remote volunteers, but highly encourages people to share their website and donate to help transport people in the West Bank and Gaza in order to save lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. (EP does not typically share fundraisers, but as a second wave of COVID-19 is looming, this is an urgent matter)

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