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Regular Programming

Jerusalem-NY Productions is constantly working on new projects and hosting Zoom movie screening events around the world.

With offices in New York and Jerusalem, the production company draws on the talent, vision and style of two continents to help their clients from around the world make powerful, expressive videos that tell unforgettable stories. Their team plans, writes the script, shoots, edits, animates, and adds effects. Jerusalem-NY Productions draws on their skills and creativity in the corporate, non-profit, media and entertainment worlds to express their client’s vision. One of their specialties is marketing the best Israeli startups and innovative products and services to the United States, Europe, and elsewhere.

They are happy to work in English, Hebrew, or Arabic. And from SEO to social media, they use the whole range of tools, to make sure their client’s videos are shared with their desired audiences. Further, they have unique working relations with strong PR teams in New York and Israel, if needed.


Thought provoking media is essential in a place such as Israel-Palestine, where there is so much partisanship, propaganda, and simplification coming from all sides.

During the pandemic, J-NY Productions is working to discover new and powerful uses for live Zoom screening/discussions to share its work. They are screening their new feature film, "A Third Way, for mixed audiences - for example bringing together in virtual space, West Bank Palestinians (most of whom are not permitted to travel into Israel proper) and Israelis. They believe that when we spend relaxed, interesting time with "the other", the assumptions and views of one another can truly change. They have blogs about their vision and goals found at these links:

Major Accomplishments

Jerusalem NY Productions has produced “A Third Way - Settlers and Palestinians as Neighbors”, about Rabbi Menachem Froman (the unique “settler rabbi for peace”), Ali Abu Awwad, and others. It has had extensive preview impact screenings in synagogues, churches, mosques, universities, and elsewhere - both in the United States and Western Europe, as well as limited theatrical release. It has also been shown in multiple Jewish Film Festivals, including the Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival.
Jerusalem NY Productions has also made over fifty shorter documentaries about various coexistence initiatives and struggles here in Israel-Palestine, for such websites as Time Magazine, Jewish Daily Forward, Tablet, Jewish Journal, Global Post, Israel21C, and others.

Theory of Social Change

Media can be a powerful force for social change, on a local, regional, and global level. Most of J-NY Productions’ movies, shorter and longer length, are designed to inspire, educate, and provoke discussion. They have seen over the last twenty years of our operation, that if a movie is made with a light touch, and with curiosity towards all its subjects, that it can gently shake viewers out of their preconceived ideas.