Israeli Peace NGO Forum


Tel Aviv, Israel

Staff Size


Regular Programming

In the past, they held several meetings per year. In the past two years, they have not been able to hold conferences.


Coordinate and empower the actions, message and communication of the Israeli peace movement. Reach Israeli society with peace messages that emphasise tangible value and opportunities associated with peace. Maintain dialog and cooperation with PA and Palestinian Peace NGOs. Improve cooperation of Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Jewish societies. Provide the platform for coordinated cooperation and dialogue to peace movements.

Major Accomplishments

Hosted workgroups, conferences for NGOs, created a vibrant internal network, holds joint activities with Palestinians

Theory of Social Change

Based on our research, our understanding is that (to a large extent) the key to peace is held by Israeli society whose psyche is dominated by fear and anxiety on one hand, and misinformation and intolerance on the other hand. We believe that a comprehensive educational, and de-programming, process is required in order to overcome these self-imposed characteristics of our society. New and veteran NGOs are migrating towards this conclusion and tooling up to deal with this issue. We build partnerships, and increase the collective impact and communication across peace NGOs.

Ways to Help

In the past they have needed assistance with programming and website design.