Holy Land Trust


Bethlehem Palestine Territories

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Regular Programming

The following programs take place every few months to yearly depending on the program: Personal Transformation, Healing Trauma workshops, Nonviolent activism, Friends Across Borders, Home Rebuilding


Holy Land Trust is a non-profit Palestinian organization committed to fostering peace, justice and understanding in the Holy Land. Its vision is to see a lasting and just peace in the Holy Land grounded by honoring the dignity and rights of all peoples. They believe in the sanctity of the Holy Land and desire to see it one day as a model of peace and justice throughout the world.

Major Accomplishments

HLT’s main accomplishments are the success and reach of their Personal Transformation, Healing Trauma, Nonviolent activism, Friends Across Borders, and Home Rebuilding programs.

Most recently, Holy Land Trust was one of the leading Palestinian organizations leading the charge in the Sumud Freedom Camp Coalition. The coalition ushered in one of the most significant direct nonviolent actions in the community of Sarura, a small Palestinian hamlet in the South Hebron Hills.

Theory of Social Change

HLT believes that true peace and justice is achieved through nonviolent activism, personal and spiritual transformation. They believe in honoring the dignity and equal rights of all peoples. What makes Holy Land Trust unique is their focus on personal transformation and addressing the spiritual trauma that prevents a just and lasting peace. Holy Land Trust is neither a political nor a religious organization, but seeks to practice and live a life motivated by unconditional love and not fear. Coming, learning, serving, building knowledge, and advocating for peace and justice when returning home is key to achieving peace and justice.

Ways to Help

Volunteers can provide marketing and social media materials and work on search engine optimization.