Center for Jewish Nonviolence


Transnational (Israel-Palestine, US, UK)

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Regular Programming

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence runs delegations of Jewish, Palestinian, and Israeli activists to engage in direct, nonviolent resistance to military occupation and the systems of oppression on both sides of the Green Line. Delegations happen once or twice a year, and mobilize anywhere from 30 to 130 activists. The organization also runs educational programming. It ultimately seeks to build movements working locally and internationally to achieve liberatory goals.


CJNV seeks to strengthen and uplift a connected movement of Palestinian, Israeli, and diaspora Jews to counter the divide-and-conquer logic of the occupation. These relationships of solidarity and co-resistance are developed in hopes of disrupting the material and ideological systems that uphold occupation and oppression. The organization strives for a future that honors the full equality and shared humanity of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Major Accomplishments

The 2017 delegation against military occupation brought together 130 activists from 9 countries and from every racial, religious, socioeconomic, gender, and sexual identity.

Theory of Social Change

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence creates critical connections between people.

Ways to Help

Past volunteers have helped with donor outreach and grant research.