A Land for All


Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Regular Programming

Bimonthly Events - A Land For All holds various events including lectures, panels, roundtables and more where they present their vision and engage with an open discussion regarding their ideas and related issues (such as gendered perspectives of conflict solutions, recent annexation proposal, and etc). They expect to host events starting in November 2020 concerning the launch of their booklet of principles.


A Land for All’s goal is to motivate the Israeli, Palestinian and international public to shift from thinking of separation to thinking of an equality-based partnership between two independent states that are mutually dependent (in meaning of full recognition of each other). In this process, they seek to expand public support in their model as the best option for resolving the conflict. They are committed to building the emotional, narrative, institutional and other bases that will enable its realization.
The Land of Israel / Palestine is home to two thriving companies that allow their members to live in peace, dignity and security. Together and apart- the existence of two sovereign and independent states, within the 1967 borders, recognizes the right of both people for self-determination, along with deep cooperation, maintaining freedom of movement, work and residence for all residents of this Homeland with recognition of the emotional, religious and historical connection between the two peoples to the entire land.

Major Accomplishments

A Land for All has introduced a new paradigm into political discourse, which is based on the dialogue of partnership and reciprocity. They have expanded public support for the Two State-One Homeland model as evidenced by recent polls. They have established an Israeli-Palestinian joint movement, which is supported by thousands of Israelis and Palestinians. The Israeli and Palestinian groups have a relationship of trust and closeness and have managed to formulate together agreed principles on core issues of the conflict. They create channels of communication between various groups in Israeli society, including Palestinian citizens of Israel, settlers, religious people, old left and others.

Theory of Social Change

A Land for All’s theory of change is that once expanding circles of people in Israel and Palestine from groups of interest and influence and recognize and support the vision of the Two State-One Homeland model, then the necessary paradigm shift can occur so the solution can be accepted as the preferred political solution. Exposure to ideas or persuasion are just part of the process. Their theory seeks to involve the public in both thinking and doing towards the realization of the vision.

Ways to Help

Volunteers can support A Land for All by helping with social media and advertising Zoom events.