The Embodying Peace Fellowship

Application Guidelines for NGOs

Embodying Peace matches NGOs in Israel-Palestine to interns from around the world through a three-month virtual study and internship program

Internships begin three times each year: October, February*, and June

*NGOs who want to receive interns in February 2022 must apply by December 31, 2021. Applicants will be notified of intern matches on January 17, 2022.

Embodying Peace’s Role in the Process

  1. Design internship(s) by identifying areas in NGO operations that are in need of support and are appropriate for a virtual internship. This is the main purpose of this guide and the application
  2. Recruit intern(s) and match them with NGOs who meet the internship requirements. Interns volunteer 5-10 hours per week
  3. Educate intern(s) by giving context to their internship work through study and discussion of our curriculum on civil society peacebuilding 
  4. Provide internship support by facilitating the process between NGOs and interns. 

NGO Intern Coordinator’s Role: 

You are responsible for onboarding your intern, overseeing projects, and reporting to the staff at Amal-Tikva. The time commitment entails:

  • 1 hour initial orientation
  • 30 min weekly check-ins with your intern
  • 15 min monthly check-in with Embodying Peace
  • 45 min exit interview with Embodying Peace

Types of Internships We Offer: 

  • Social Media, Marketing, & Website: Creating accounts, developing websites, branding and marketing guidelines, graphic design, and content such as posts, webinars, newsletters, publications, videos, and more.
  • Research & Copywriting: Research, policy paper writing, translation, interviewing alumni, generating testimonials, editing and mapping potential audiences, creating brand books, and more. 
  • Fundraising & Outreach: Grant writing, mapping potential donors, creating CRM systems, report-writing, designing letters and donor-communication materials, creating online funding campaigns and campaign tracking systems, public relations to media outlets, and more. 
  • Operations & Programs: Monitoring and evaluation, program development, and more.

Why Take an Embodying Global Intern: There are two gaps in NGO operations that interns may help address: staff gap & skills gap. 

“We have so much that never gets done because our staff is too busy with other things.” (Staff Capacity)

If this is the case, when designing your internship consider the following: 

  1. Which staff members are in need of support? 
  2. Which projects are in need of support? 
  3. Which tasks are in need of completion but remain unstarted or incomplete due to lack of time and prioritization? 

We know what we need to do but don’t have the necessary skills.” (Skills Capacity)

If this is the case, when designing your internship consider the following: 

  1. What are the skills your staff lacks? 
  2. What are the areas of expertise your staff lacks? 
  3. Which tasks require a high level of English proficiency? 


“EP Fellows are serious interns ready to make an impact and support us in our work. Unlike other interns they get behind-the-scenes training and learning opportunities that better set them up for non-profit and peacebuilding success. EP as an organization is incredibly communicative and supportive, and I know they are led by and affiliated with folks that are serious and knowledgeable about peacebuilding.”

“EP interns have supported a lot of our work, freeing us to do other tasks and bringing unique skills and talents. Our interns have worked in resource development (donor research and outreach, arranging webinars, managing CRM), in PR and marketing (creating flyers and promotional materials), evaluation (creating infographics that share our impact), and in research (preparing research to better understand our peacebuilding models and methods).”