Civil Society Consulting

Civil Society Consulting is the home of staff researchers and consultants who work to understand the needs of our partner organizations and identify solutions to increase the impact of individual civil society peacebuilding organizations as well as the field as a whole.

Our process is informed by our close relations with local peacebuilding organizations, our needs assessment surveys, and our surveys on volunteer placements. Additionally, we closely coordinate research efforts in partnership with the Education Center.

The heart of our work is laying the foundation for our core volunteer programs: Fellowships and short-term volunteering. Our pro bono consulting services strive to maximize the impact of our volunteers’ contributions to our partner organizations.

In three steps, we transform scarcity into volunteer capacity.

  1. Through interviews, we work with civil society organizations to identify the gaps in skill sets and staff capacity that hinder them from achieving their full potential.
  2. Through surveys, we develop opportunities for remote volunteering that will satisfy their needs in the short- and long-term.
  3. Through our volunteer programs, we match quality volunteers to the opportunities according to skill set and level of experience. When applicable, we connect organizations to activists or professionals in the region who can advance these goals.

In sum, Embodying Peace’s CSO Consultants work with our partner organizations to discover how our volunteers can maximize their impact. Our aim is to match our partner organizations not only with volunteer opportunities that meet their short-term needs but also that can support the organization in reaching its long-term goals and promoting sustainable nonprofit management.

We are always looking for new consultants to join us. Send a note of interest to our Director of CSO Consulting Hannah,