About Us

The Embodying Peace team spans the world. We are united by our commitment as internationals to advancing the work of local activists. We call this Constructive Solidarity.

Our pursuit of Constructive Solidarity challenges us to constantly ask ourselves, “How are we striving to build peace?” It demands that we see our agency in making peace possible, sustainable, and just.

We believe that peace is what people do. It is what we must do, what we must embody in deeds.

Since Summer 2020, we have reviewed 243 applications, connected 84 volunteers to 21 NGOs, contributing cumulatively over 4000 hours of volunteer time. 

For all inquiries, email amitai@embodyingpeace.org.

Meet the Team

Amitai Abouzaglo

Executive Director

Ariella Kissin

Fellowship Coordinator

Sarah Kirby

Social Media Coordinator

Avital Krifcher

Director of Volunteer Network

Santosh Muralidaran

Editor, Fieldbuilding

Jérôme Krumenacker


David Cohen

Director of Tech Innovation

Tzofiya Bookstein

Fellowship Coordinator

Sherman Teichman


Salina Kuo

Editor, Fieldbuilding

Sofia Cotterill

Fellowship Coordinator

Tamar Miller